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'66 Hertz (2016)
'68 GT500 KR (2016)
'69 Shelby Cobra (2016)
Shelby Cobra 500KR (2016)
Mike's Vette (2016)
'67 Stang Drag (2016)
'65 Mustang (2016)
'68 500KR (2015)
Ann's '67 Ghia
John's '66 Sunroof
Keith's '69 GT 500
Ben's '71 Buggy
Robert's ChopTop
Bob's '71 Bus
Joe's '90 Mustang Vert
Jesse James '88 PU
Rob's '63 Ragtop
Mrs.Pell's Thing
Ron's '34 Ford
Kurt's 65 Bus
Andrew's '69 Ghia
Skip's '70 Double Cab
Bob's '69 Camaro
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Mark's El Camino
Terry and Patricia's Doub
Don's '62 Beetle
Rob's '69 Ghia
Beth's '72
Kurt's Ghia
Steve's '79 Super
Bob's '68 Camaro Rally Sp
Ed's '55 Chevy
Chris' '67 Firebird
Cindy and Jerry's '67 Ver
Abelow's '66 Vert
Abelow's '72
Bob's '36 Dodge
Cindy's '66 Beetle
Dave's '40 Ford
Whitney's '67
Walt's '54
Steve's '79 Beetle
Luis C's '57 Oval
Jeff's '73 Beetle

Don's 62 survivor


...this is a true original with the exception of little things here and there,she hasn't seen the road since '82.... 




This is an ORIGINAL paint car!!..we are going to try and save as much of the OG paint as possible...with some blends here and there.





 after a few hours of disassembly and pressure washing,it was a nice foundation for a light restoration.





mirror was mounted to the outside of the door,welded up the holes and putting the factory style back on...


some small repairs...







































After rebuilding the motor, some minor bits left to stall.  Blending the fenders, it's all set!