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401 Restos, Rods & Customs


John's '66 Sunroof
Keith's '69 GT 500
Ann's '67 Ghia
Ben's '71 Buggy
Robert's ChopTop
Bob's '71 Bus
Joe's '90 Mustang Vert
Jesse James '88 PU
Rob's '63 Ragtop
Mrs.Pell's Thing
Ron's '34 Ford
Kurt's 65 Bus
Andrew's '69 Ghia
Skip's '70 Double Cab
Bob's '69 Camaro
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Mark's El Camino
Terry and Patricia's Doub
Don's '62 Beetle
Rob's '69 Ghia
Beth's '72
Kurt's Ghia
Steve's '79 Super
Bob's '68 Camaro Rally Sp
Ed's '55 Chevy
Chris' '67 Firebird
Cindy and Jerry's '67 Ver
Abelow's '66 Vert
Abelow's '72
Bob's '36 Dodge
Cindy's '66 Beetle
Dave's '40 Ford
Whitney's '67
Walt's '54
Steve's '79 Beetle
Luis C's '57 Oval
Jeff's '73 Beetle




Tim's chassis car displayed in the new showroom.....











new booth from managed air!








Here are some of the cars Tim has finished over the past four years of business, most of which are award winners. Use the navigation bar to the left to view these restorations and many more in detail!



Look for this beauty during the 2013 car show season.... Rob's '63 Rag.


And Kurt's '65 Bus will surely be a contender in 2013 as well.......


This beautiful '69 Camaro Tim painted for Littlefield Customs was featured at the 2012 SEMA show.


Here is another multi-award winning Camaro Tim painted for Littlefield Customs.


This is Dave Abelow's '66 Vert in Inca Red.  This car continues to win awards year after year.


 Tim loves to go fast!  Here is his award winning '65 turbo chassis car in black and maroon and then in all black!



And every family needs a rat-rod.  Tim sold this one to Rich B. a couple of years ago, but will always hold a place in his heart!   


Dave Abelow didn't have Tim just stop after completing his '66 Vert.  One year later, here is his award winning '72 German- look in a custom mix Gun Metal.



Here's one of Tim's first paint jobs as 401 Restos: Luis C.'s '57 oval ragtop in Coral.


This is one of Tim's favorite paint jobs... Ed's '55 Chevy


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